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Dance Movement Therapy 

  Movement and the Body

Dance Movement Therapy is an alternative psychotherapy to talking therapy (psychology and counselling). It mainly focuses on the use of movements, dance and the body. 

DMT is for all and you require no dance and movement experiences and skills. The focus is on WHAT you express through your body, and not on how you do it. 

The Body Mind Connection 

Dance Movement Therapy helps us to connect the body and mind. With a gentle guidance, we warmup the bodies, express ourselves freely and finally we 'verbalise' our process. This is an important process as the bodily experiences are spoken and that is how the body and mind get connected with one another. 

Trauma in the Body

Trauma gets stored in the body even when it happened when you did not speak a language to describe it (Read more about Preverbal Trauma).

Somatic interventions (called the bottom-up approach) are necessary for traumas, hence dance movement therapy is one method of processing traumas. 


  • trauma (preverbal, complex, developmental trauma)

  • attachment issues

  • anxiety and depression 

  • neurodiverse populations

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Information on Sessions

In this section, your questions will be answered;

  • What does the session look like?

  • Why should I try DMT?

  • How do I know DMT is for me?

  • Duration of a session

  • Cost 

  • Approach 

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