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Somatic Body Mapping 

Your body matters. 

Your bodily felt senses matter. 

Your feelings matter. 

Somatic Body Mapping, Movement Therapy Adelaide

What is it?

Somatic Body Mapping is a safe, respectful, and gently paced process which encourages and engages with your body sensations, movement, feelings, and creativity. It is a space to slow down and attend to your inner sensations in your body. It is a personal journey to understand about yourself and your body in a collective conscious circle of womxn. 

You will be creating a body-size map, using various art and organic materials that assist to express yourself. It is explorative, experiential, playful, and sometimes risk-taking. It does not aim to create a 'nice piece of artwork'. 

The process is not therapy, but can become a therapeutic process for you. You do not require any artistic and moving skills or experience. Your bodily felt senses and feelings matter. This workshop is only for womxn.

Professional Development

Somatic Body Mapping is for those would like to explore their own life journey bodily and creatively. It is important for practitioners to have a space for being self-reflective and curious about yourself. You can count hours as your CPD hours. 

Collective Space 

In the Somatic Body Mapping, we gather as a circle of womxn. We have a choice of sharing,  and listen, witness, and echo other womxn's experiences. The space becomes collective and conscious by other's presence.   

Why somatic?

This type of body mapping is not just 'marking' or colouring what is/ exists in your body. They may come from your brain and thoughts. On contrary, Somatic Body Mapping is strongly based on your somatic bodily experience. What you experience in your body is a central focus in this journey. It also means that you access your unconscious through bodily sensations. 

Group Size 

The maximum number of womxn in a somatic body mapping group is 5. It is a small group that enriches in-depth experience. 

Somatic Body Mapping Adelaide

Intensive - 2 full days

Offering seasonal intensives. Immerse yourself for this journey!


Time poor? Here is an option for you to experience some of SBM Intensive. 

Somatic Body Mapping

During the pregnancy, your body will change. Explore creatively those changes over the few months.

Individual Sessions

You can do individual sessions with me to walk your life in a somatic approach. 

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