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All About Session

Dance Movement Therapy 

What does the session look like?

We typically start with a verbal check-in. The therapist asks you about your past week, any challenges you are facing.


I invite you to slowly transition to movement. I may lead a warmup, or you may know how you like to start moving your body. If you are self-conscious about moving, do not worry. Because it is not about HOW you move the body, but how your body guides you. We further explore various movements together or on your own, or based on a theme you like to work on, or just follow the present moment of flow. We may use props such as fabrics, ribbons, balls, and objects. Sometimes sounds and voices may accompany us.

After movement, we sit down and reflect bodily experience verbally. Drawing may be used to express your embodied experience before verbalising. 


Please note that children's sessions may look differently. Go to the Therapy for Children section. 

Why should I try dance movement therapy?

Dance Movement Therapy is another approach to process emotions and challenging past experiences. Some people come to me as they had 'enough' talking. Talking is one way to process difficult things in life, but processing through the body is another thing! 

How do I know DMT is for me?

Well, I would say give a go to this creative approach! DMT is certainly not for everyone, but it is useful for some people who like to process NONVERBALLY. 

Duration of Session 

60 minutes for adults, 45 minutes for children, but depending on your needs too. 

Number of Sessions 

I recommend trying 3 assessment sessions. During the assessment sessions, I aim to understand your reasons for therapy, backgrounds, hopes, goals and so forth, so that we both are clear with the reasons we work together for. It is also an opportunity for you to see if this is the right choice of therapy and therapist for you. If you and I agree to work together, I will book a block of 12 sessions (approximately 3 months long) for us. 

Therapy is collaborative work and takes work to build a trusting relationship. We will review our progress around the 10th session and decide whether we will need to work together further. 

Therapy is not forever, so there is an ending always. It is important for us to acknolwedge the ending of our work together. 

Space and Safety 

I abide by the Ethics and Code of Conducts of DTAA and PACFA. The space is confidential and your privacy is protected. I attend clinical supervision regularly for a safe and ethical practice. 

Sessions Offered at 


Coach House, 13 Laffers Road, Belair 5052 

  • All day free parking available

  • Pinera Train Station (14 minute walk) or Glenalta Train Station (10 minute walk).

  • Bus routes 196 and 196F (2 minute walk)

Mobile Visits

  • School visits

  • Home visits or

  • sessions at a community space (e.g. church and community centre) near your house 


I offer sessions online if that is appropriate for you and that is your needs. 




​I am the providers of the following private insurance companies. 

  • Medibank

  • AHM 

  • Bupa

  • ARHG


  • Within 48 hours cancellation, 50% of the fee will be charged. 

  • Within 24 hours cancellation, 100% of the fee will be charged.  

Get in touch

If you decided to try, please contact me or fill in the Intake Form. I first offer a free half-an-hour consultation by phone or a video call. This is the opportunity for you to ask me any questions you may have for further clarification.

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