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Move and Be Moved

Deeply Connect with your body 

Colour your somatic experiences

2 Full Days


Immerse yourself for two full days to deeply explore Somatic Body Mapping. SBM is a process to 'slow down' our daily routines, being away from usual engagements. Dive into your own journey in a collective circle. 


Autumn - 17-18th May 2024 

Spring - 13-14th September 2024 

Time - 10:00am - 4:30pm (12 hours CPD)

Place: Parish Hall, Coromandel Valley Anglican Church (Here)

Fees : $500 (Instalment Payments Available)


Booking Essential: Contact Me or register here



One-Day workshop is where you can taste the process of Somatic Body Mapping. It may be a beginning for you to start this journey. You will be guided into a deep somatic exploration and create a map for yourself. You do not need to 'finish' the map in this occasion. It is an opportunity to connect with your body and bodily sensations and transfer these into a map you create. 

Dates; 16th March 2024 & 16th November 2024

Time : 9am - 5pm (7 hours CPD)

Place: Parish Hall, Coromandel Valley Anglican Church (Here)


Fees : $350 (Instalment Payments Available)


Booking Essential: Contact Me or register here


Somatic Body Mapping

Are you curious how your pregnancy brings changes to your body sensations, shapes, and feelings? Pregnancy changes the way you sit, move, see and feel about the body. I offer individual / group sessions throughout your prenatal journey to explore this creatively. 

I offer either 3 or 4 sessions (90 -120 minutes each) to create a map. Depending on your needs too. I recommend creating in each trimester.


 Place: Either at Coach House or your home

Fees : $130 p/h


Booking Essential: Contact Me or register here



I create a space for you to process your feelings by a somatic body mapping journey. 6 sessions (90 minutes p/s) are recommended for you to experience and create a map for yourself. 

Place: Coach House (13, Laffers Road, Belair 5052) or Online

Cost: $150 for 90 minutes (per session)

Booking Essential: Contact Me or register here



"I attended this workshop with the intention of learning a lot of tools and techniques to support my client work...And of course I did. But what I didn't expect or prepare for, was the personal discovery I went on over the two days and the journey inwards to better understand myself. Although the idea of intense personal therapy sounds daunting, the reality is that it was nurturing, supportive, tender and spiritual. I felt guided by skilful, caring and wise facilitators. Thank you Mioi. " (Participant, 30s)

"Mioi led us on a journey in such a gentle respectful way and provided a safe and nurturing space for self-discovery and growth (counsellor, 50s)"

"A gently paced self reflective process provided with great sensitivity and care by the facilitator (senior psychotherapist, supervision trainer, 70s)

"Body Mapping provides a beautiful integration of heart, mind, body and soul. The experience helps to inform my own practice (art therapist, 60s)"

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