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Dance Movement Therapy 
Children and Teens

Movement and Play (Under 12)

DMT for children under 12 is more movement and play based. Child can express thoughts, feelings, past experiences and behaviours through play. I enter the world of the child and follows the child’s lead. According to the research, child-led therapy can bring the best outcome to the child. 

In DMT, we go creative and do things like dance, play, games, music even drawings sometimes! It is a fun safe space for your child to express.

Props - a fun way to express!

More Dance for Teens

Teens tend to choose to 'dance' to express themselves. They have a choice of what they want to do in the space. Some teens may like to choreograph a piece with me. It helps the teen to feel more confident and it becomes a 'body memory' to carry with after the termination of therapy. But of course some may like to create a game and play too! Possibilities are unlimited. 

There are props such as parachute, balls, ribbons, puppets that the child can imaginatively play and move with.


There are drawing materials where child can freely express themselves.

Benefits of DMT
for Children and Teens

If you’d like more information about DMT, get in touch today.

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