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Movement Support Group
for Womxn

The group, RISE (Resilience, Independence, Self-Care and Empowerment) offers you an opportunity to move and dance in a supportive therapeutic environment.

No movement and dance skills and experiences are required. 

Holding The Curtain

What is it?

Movements bring you a clarity and understanding about yourself. 

Our Focus 

self-care and inner strengths

The RISE group will focus on developing self-care skills and finding inner strengths. I guide you through with a slow start of grounding yourself and your body. We will together explore, embody and share movements. We may develop a sequence of movements that help you grounded and/or resonate with resilience within you.

For Who?


This group is suitable for womxn of all age (+18) who would like to improve her wellbeing or may be suffering from anxiety, depression, or any other issues. 

I use the term, womxn as it is an intersectional term that includes nonbinary people ( To understand the term, please visit this site.)

Why Group?

Bodies in the shared space

Group therapy is effective as it is considered as a minuscule of  society and you understand the relationships with yourself and others in the group. Group therapy vitalises energies, encounters conflicts and help you to find solutions. 

The group size is minimum 2 and maximum 4 womxn in the group. 

Props and Music

Colours and Fun

In this group, we use props such as ribbons, scarves and other things that help us to connect with one another. We may discuss what music the group may prefer. It is a collaborative and collective space for womxn. 

Join Us

8 Sessions 

School Term 
From the 3rd to 10th Week

Wednesday 11:00am - 12:15pm

Committing to all sessions are strongly recommended as it maximise the effectiveness of group therapy.  

A Closed Group 

Create group dynamics together with the same womxn.

$370 per term

No Refunds once paid unless the group needs to be cancelled due to an unforeseeable circumstance.

Payment by instalment and concession are available. 

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