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NDIS and Dance Movement Therapy

What type of the NDIS funding can be used to access dance movement therapy?

Self-managed and plan managed

How much does a session cost?

I follow ​the NDIS price guideline. My service is categorised under Therapy Support of the Capacity Building. Please see more details on the price guideline here. 

What is the procedure?

Please send me the Intake Form and once I receive it, I will send you a service agreement where you find the details of my services such as payment, cancellation policy, and so forth. 

I offer three assessment sessions. If you and I agree to work together, I will book a block of 12 sessions. 

Do you provide a therapy plan?

Yes. I will specify our therapeutic DMT goals and objects for our reference. We will discuss our goals and objects in the assessment sessions. The therapy plan will be reviewed when necessary.

Do you provide an NDIS report?

Yes. I believe that when you particularly review your NDIS plan, you will need a support document that explains how dance movement therapy has been helping the participants. I will discuss this with you in details beforehand. 

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