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I move and I am moved.....

I just wonder what to write for the first post here.....For one month, i have been quite relaxed and freer than ever. To be more specific, i am in a transitional phase of my life. I am going to move to a new place. It is a big change for anyone who goes through this. It feels to me that i am "as if i were floating in the air". In other words, I am not "grounded" as yet.

Under this circumstance, i have been thinking about one thing: "I am moved". When i entered the world of dance movement psychotherapy (DMP) , i learnt that there is a huge difference between "I move" and "I am moved". As i was performing on the stage before entering the DMP master course, i hardly practiced "I am moved". My body was always told how to move by the choreographers and directors. "I am moved" was a new mysterious world. After two years of the hard DMP training, i have slowly started understanding what "I am moved" is all about. Yet, it is not so easy to make my body understood. "I am moved" seems to me a spiritual process and yet a far destination to me. "I am moved" is one of the core values of DMP. I think that it can mean that "i must listen to myself". So, i am now asking myself : what do i want to do in my life? What do i really want to experience?

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