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Newsletter No.11

Good bye to London and Hello to Adelaide

Hello, everyone! Greetings from Down Under! Yes, I am finally here in Adelaide. After flying for 20 hours with the 15 hour transit in between, we were taken to the mandatory 14-day quarantine straight after we landed in Australia. I am still feeling really surreal about having emptied the London flat and made a huge move to South Australia. In this edition, I would like to reflect on my goodbyes about my London life and talk a little bit about where I am now.

I have started to write this newsletter just before leaving London and supposed to publish it on the 1st September. My excuse of having been unable to do on time is that my family and I had the really crazy days to clean, chuck and hand over loads of stuff. And now I am sitting quietly and writing to you at a “luxurious prison” in Adelaide.

I mentioned in the newsletter No.8 that I feared that I might not be able to say good bye to the friends in person due to the current situation. However, luckily the lockdown eased down in London since July and I was able to meet as many people as I wanted and said good bye mostly in person. I had imagined good byes might bring some tears and difficult emotions, but surprisingly it felt right and ready to me to do so. I lived in London about seven years and the life there was summed up by the hard core study, marriage and parenting. There are many friends in London who have supported me immensely during my MA course, grief of my mother’s passing and the challenging parenthood. Only when I rode the bike from Oxford Street to London Bridge one week before leaving, it hit me emotionally that I perhaps won’t be able to come back to the U.K. for a while. I have never felt London would be a place I feel home, but I will definitely miss its diversity and stimulus cultural vibes. I like the fact that if there is a gather of five people, we all come from different countries.

I am also hugely grateful to my clinical supervisors and my therapists who always remind me of valuing myself, my life and work. They helped me to go through my life challenges and have given me a space to think what matters in my life. They always remind me of needing to be kind to myself and embracing being “good enough” (Winnicott). I will continue the professional relationships with some of them in Australia as well.

To be honest, at the moment, being in this peculiar (quarantine) situation, I haven’t found a place to ground myself and organise my breath. This experience is so extraordinary that my senses are almost forcibly numbed. My thoughts are still wondering around between London and Adelaide. Quarantine is mentally challenging although I must say we are taken care of well by the hotel and the medical team. This experience resembles the one of the beginning of lockdown in London that I was desperately wanting to meet and interact with people. I would just like to acknowledge this consciously and stay with it until the end of the time in this luxurious prison.

Thank you for reading my newsletter. I appreciate your comments, feedback and suggestions. Please write to me (! Stay safe!

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