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Newsletter No.13

Greeting from South Australia. It has been three months (already!) since we have moved to Down Under. I have been experiencing and struggling with so many transitions and loses to be honest.

Now it is a time for me to have a pause towards the end of the year 2020. What a year this 2020 has been for all of us – bushfires, pandemic, black lives matter movement, climate changes, and so on. We as human being have been challenged and questioned what really matters in our life.

There is a simple word that comes up to me now; “pause”. As I am writing this last newsletter of this year now, I feel I really need a break for some time. It has been difficult for me to allow myself pause for a long time – it felt to me I was lazy, unproductive and genuinely not good enough. As a dance/movement psychotherapist, I encourage clients to breathe, go on their own pace, and do what feels right to them. When it comes to my own practice, why is it so hard? I do not know the answer at the moment, but I can just acknowledge where I am now at the moment. I have been really overwhelmed by many changes since I came to Australia and perhaps I need to really let them sink in my head and body. I am also feeling many losses such as friendships and professional connections. These changes are happening too fast and sometimes it feels like I might have missed recognising them.

However, I can simply reckon loads of changes in my children’s growth. One day my son was able to put his shoes on on his own. One day my daughter started to climb up the stairs. I am sensitive and attentive to these changes. Likewise, I need a pause for me to let all the changes that I have been experiencing sink in my head and body now. My body needs a pause, so does my brain.

I hope you all have had a great Christmas celebration in this global pandemic period. Although we may need to live in an uncertainty of 2021, but let us welcome a new 2021 with lots of hopes and wishes.

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