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Somatic Body Mapping 

New Seasons 2023

Deeply Connect with your body 

Move and Be Moved

Colour your somatic experience

Spring - 6th and 7th October


Venue: Belair Church Hall

( 29 Sheoak Road, Belair Adelaide SA 5052)

Fees : $500


Booking Essential:

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You can find what Somatic Body Mapping may mean

in your clinical practice. Read here (3 minutes). 



Mioi Forster-Nakayama, MADMP, Somatic Body Mapping Practitioner, Dance Movement Psychotherapist, Clinical Registrant of PACFA, Professional Members of DTAA (Dance Therapy Association of Australasia) and ANZACATA


"I attended this workshop with the intention of learning a lot of tools and techniques to support my client work...And of course I did. But what I didn't expect or prepare for, was the personal discovery I went on over the two days and the journey inwards to better understand myself. Although the idea of intense personal therapy sounds daunting, the reality is that it was nurturing, supportive, tender and spiritual. I felt guided by skilful, caring and wise facilitators. Thank you Mioi and Vanessa. " (Participant, 30s)

"Vanessa and Mioi led us on a journey in such a gentle respectful way and provided a safe and nurturing space for self-discovery and growth (counsellor, 50s)"

"A gently paced self reflective process provided with great sensitivity and care by the facilitator (senior psychotherapist, supervision trainer, 70s)

"Body Mapping provides a beautiful integration of heart, mind, body and soul. The experience helps to inform my own practice (art therapist, 60s)"

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