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Newsletter No.20 - End of the Year 2021

Hello, everyone. I imagine that you all are eagerly awaiting well-deserved holidays ahead. What a year again in 2021. The continuous pandemic and several lockdowns worn us out and we all experience collective trauma and losses. I have not seen my father for the past two years and it is creeping up on me now – can I see him in 2022? Can I go back to my country soon? These questions will never be answered as soon as I want.

Briefly I would like to mention my Movement Response to this year. Movement Response is a practice for dance movement therapists who move authentically to respond to a situation. I wait for being moved or movement to happen in me. When I moved in a room I practice, I was surprised with myself – my upper body felt just heavy and my throat felt strangled. My breaths were short. I must say I was so sad to see this bodily response as I had wanted a happy ending of the year – imagining myself moving and celebrating the end of the year. Before having done the movement response, I had a cognitive process, writing down reflections on my 2021. I acknowledged myself that I did more than enough this year but did not even come across anything sad or dark. I find it intriguing what a contrast the body can bring to the mind. Well, but this is me now being authentic to my body. I plan to make a body map at the beginning of the year 2022 and see what more may unfold.

I plan to do nothing for the next three weeks. It is important for my brain and body to rest. Go away from clinical work and just do what I normally do not do! I would like to pass you a message from Elsie Owen@The _Peoplepleasing_therapist that I happened to come across and I really like it.

Alternatives to ‘I do nothing’

1. I rest

2. I choose not to make plans

3. I recover from the week/day

4. I shorten my to-do list

5. I have a mental health day

6. I take a nap

7. I watch the show I love

8. I have a day with myself

9. I recuperate

10. I have some time out

I hope you too can remind yourself that you have done enough this year.

I will be back to work on the 10th January 2022. I hope to see some of you in person in my workshops that are coming soon in 2022. All updated information is on my website dance therapy | movement | body and mind | Adelaide | NDIS ( Until then, I do hope you all have great holidays wherever you are.

Best wishes,

Mioi Forster-Nakayama

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