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Newsletter No.24 - Pause

Hello, everyone. I hope you have been well. In Adelaide, the weather has been changing and I suddenly realised many leaves turning into beautiful vibrant red and yellow. I love autumn as it is like saying goodbye to hot sweaty days and welcoming the cold into the body.


How has your April been? Mine has been super hectic and it felt to me that I did not have space and moment to breathe. I have been pushing myself until the work is done. I planned my community dancing space last week, but I had to cancel it partially because I was just so exhausted. I felt guilty to cancel it as some people had planned to commit to come. However, In the end, I was fulfilled with happiness and had space to just let my hair down.

In May, I will pause my other two favourite sessions – “Move & Connect” and “Practitioner’s Learning Circle” just because around the planned sessions, I may not have access to the internet due to moving to a new house. I may ask you for feedback, so that I can come up with a better structure and organisation in June. I think now it is ok for me to say, “Let me pause.” I allow myself for fresher breathing and a comeback.

RISE – Womxn’s Dance Movement Therapy Group

RISE (Resilience, Independence, Self-Care and Empowerment) is the 6-week group therapy that focuses on the body, movement and self-care for womxn who would like to understand about themselves better through breathing and creative movements. The group is scheduled on the 1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th June and 6th July from 10 to 11am at Mitcham. More details found here RISE Group for Women | Dance Therapy NEW ( Referrals are welcome too.

Looking for Supervisees

I am now looking for supervisees (those who are already qualified as creative arts therapists, psychotherapists, counsellors, and other allied health professionals) who would like to do supervision with me from June 2022. As a trainee supervisor, I will offer low cost sessions until the end of this year. My approach is creative, psychodynamic and body based. If you are integrating body, movement awareness, and creativity into your clinical practice and seeking a safe practice, please get in touch with me. Please send me an expression of interest at

Offering Dance Movement Psychotherapy Sessions – F2F or Telehealth

If you may like to try dance movement psychotherapy sessions either face-to-face (in Adelaide) or telehealth, please get in touch with me. I welcome referrals too. Please find more information on dance movement psychotherapy here.

Upcoming Events

Move & Connect – A monthly moving space for all on 14th June 2022 7-8pm at Room 7, Mitcham Community Centre. The rest will be on the 16th June, 21st July and 18th August.

Practitioners’ Learning Circle – Online Platform for Practitioners on 26th June 2022 at 3-4:30pm (Sydney time).

Winter Body Mapping Workshop on the 15th and 16th July 2022 in Adelaide – A nurturing personal creative journey. A body based, creative approach and self-exploration for practitioners. Payment by instalments is welcome. You can find more details at Body Mapping Workshop (Announcement) | Dance Movement Therapy (

I hope you too can allow yourself for slowing down if you are feeling rushed and no space for yourself, like I have. Thank you for reading my newsletter.

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