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NEWSLETTER No. 31 - Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year


Hello, everyone. I hope you all have been doing well. I started to write this newsletter at the end of November, and I got so busier in the end! I have been feeling fed up with the recent cold weather and it feels like my body is confused! I am still wearing winter clothes every now and then. Hopefully, hot summer arrives soon.


Finally, after a year I am going on a long-awaited break from the 17th of December for three weeks. I will start working from the 9th of January 2023. I will switch off my brain from the psychotherapeutic work and spend time with my family in Tassie. I cannot wait.

I know doing nothing is part of self-care and this feels challenging to me. So perhaps I will log out from all my social media channels! It is not so easy to keep a distance from the screens. I ventured into a supervisor role this year, and this has been really challenging and enjoyable at the same time. I did not really realise how complex the supervisory relationships could become. I will continue to learn from each experience with my supervisees and my supervisor for supervision.

I will be focusing on my private practice next year. It is a scary thing to dip my toes into this field. Due to my work circumstance, I am now ‘thrown into’ it and made up my mind that I would really work hard on this aspect in 2023. The nature of my non-business mind is perhaps my weakness (as some of you know that I worked for Indian street children almost for nothing for many years!). I just think there needs to be a good balance between being a practitioner and a bread earner.

I will also teach a dance movement therapy diploma course in New Zealand (mostly online but maybe in person). I am excited to start this new journey too. I love the balance of practising clinically and teaching theories too. I am thinking I might spend the holiday time watching some NZ channels to familiarise myself with Kiwi accents!

2023 Programs

I will continue to mainly offer dance movement therapy sessions (1 to 1 and group therapy) in my practice. I will work from Tuesdays to Fridays, so next year I become more flexible in terms of offering my time.

· Dance Movement Therapy – 1 to 1 sessions and group therapy sessions are offered.

· RISE Movement Support Group – I offer a 6-week program in February and March. Registration is open! Please join this unique group therapy!

· Somatic Body Mapping Intensive – I offer four seasonably intensives.

· Clinical Supervision – Continuing to offer clinical supervision to practitioners

· Move & Connect – a monthly community movement space

I wish you all and your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Let your body and mind well rest during the festive seasons. I look forward to meeting, working, and conversing with you in 2023.

Best wishes,

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