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NEWSLETTER No. 32 - Changes and Updates


Hello, everyone. I hope nearly half of the year 2023 has been going as well as you had wished. I have been away from writing a monthly newsletter this year as I did not have enough energy and time till today.


I have had a few major changes in my work situation since the beginning of the year. The biggest one is that I have slowly shifted more to private practice. It has been quite daunting and exciting at the same time. It took me a while to decide whether to rent a room for a day. As I always have been working in an organisational environment, private practice feels like a ‘lonely planet’ during work. I now open my private practice for two days in a room that is big enough for a few people to move. The independent room is surrounded by trees and chirping birds. I bring my stuff that includes cushions, chairs, props, instruments, drawing materials and coffee. The practice is open on Tuesdays and Friday mornings from 9 am to 6 pm. At the moment, Friday afternoons I go out to the North to provide my dance movement therapy services. Other than this, I still work at a clinic for two afternoons of one-day work. Then I supervise some professionals and enjoy learning from their practice. I also teach dance movement therapy (DMT) and psychotherapy subjects at two private institutions. I love changes but require courage. I must admit that there is a fear and worries in me in my situation.

The Self-Psychology Conference in Canberra

Back in February, I participated in the Self-Psychology Conference organised by Sandra Kay Lauffenburger who is a dance movement psychotherapist, as well as my mentor and supervisor. She is dynamic, knowledgeable, energetic and holding. At this conference, psychotherapists and psychologists who integrate somatic interventions and self-psychology concepts in their practice presented powerful clinical cases. The beauty was that the therapists shared not only the clients’ growth of a sense of self, but also the therapists’ vulnerabilities and shame. I was also deeply touched by finally being able to meet in-person Sandra and my DMT colleagues whom I have met online numerous times to discuss our work. This conference sparked my interest in learning about self-psychology concepts and reassures my approach, thinking, teaching, and clinical work too.

Clinical Case Presentation

At the Dance Therapy and Movement Therapy Summit of the World Arts and Embodiment Forum, I presented a clinical case titled ‘Preverbal Trauma and Dance Movement Psychotherapy’. I spoke about a DMT journey with a four-year-old who experienced preverbal trauma. Preverbal trauma remains as an implicit memory in the body hence processing it through movements is critical. The child I worked with for 18 months embodied a concept of safe space and birth through creative movements and play with me.

Somatic Body Mapping – 6th and & 7th October 2023

Sadly, the Autumn Somatic Body Mapping Intensive was cancelled due to the participants’ emergency situations. I am going to offer one more intensive of this year on the 6th and 7th of October 2023. Please register your interest if you would like to explore your personal journey through movements and artmaking. Details are here.

I continue to offer clinical supervision for creative arts therapists, psychotherapists and other allied health professionals.

I hope you all stay cosy and warm. It would be nice to hear from you too. #dancemovementtherapy #dancetherapyadelaide #SA #somaticbodymapping #BodyMapping #mentalhealth

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