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Newsletter No.6~Acknowledging feelings in self isolation

Hello, everyone! I do really hope that everyone is staying safe and well. Since the past few weeks, the situation in the U.K. has changed drastically due to the corona virus ; we all are locked down and forced into a new life routine such as work from home and stay at home (We are at the Week 2). In this newsletter, I would like to share what I am personally feeling.

We now self-isolate and most of us strongly feel how essential it is to stay connected with others. Since last October, I have been on maternity leave and looking after my two children. As a full-time mum, I always have been feeling socially detached and isolated. I might get to talk to one or two strangers a day, having some usual conversations briefly. Then I realise that today I have spoken to someone! There are a number of babies and toddlers groups we go to and there I need to tirelessly make effort to talk to someone, but most of the time for some reason it doesn’t happen. I think I am not very exceptional in this sense and a lot of parents whom I have spoken to would agree with this sense of isolation. We are so cut off from the society and intellectual adult conversations! Among so many groups we go to, we have a favourite one called “the therapeutic baby/toddler group” once a week run by the child psychotherapists. We have the same parents, same children and same facilitators. The space is safe and we have been sharing a lot and developing good friendships. This is so needed for someone like me who feels isolated. The psychotherapists offer emotional support to the parents as well as to the children.

However now, we are thrown out of the routine and I am desperately trying to find a new set of routine. The therapeutic toddler group that I mentioned is running through the virtual meeting and this is where I could speak about my stuff to the therapists. I find this group very helpful and I am so thankful to having this space available for me in this crisis.

In the midst of this crisis, I am trying to acknowledge my anxiety and share it with my family and friends. I am feeling overwhelmed, very anxious and sometimes super bored. There are so many “what ifs” on my mind. It is really important to talk about how we feel now. Don’t be afraid to name a feeling. It is more essential and significant than ever to maintain our mental health now. As a movement therapist, I believe it is also helpful to explore feelings in the body and try to ground yourself; for example, you can sit in the chair, feel the weight of the body and spread the toe fingers as if you are rooting yourself like a giant tree! (You can do this before starting your work in front of the computer!)

Lastly, I would like to share what I have decided in this crisis. I call it a “Corona Challenge.” This is how I keep myself getting through every strange day.

1. Keep Fit (Attend “P.E. with Joe”( I recommend him! He has a fantastic energy to give us!) and Run! (No more excuses)

2. Stay Positive (however I can)

3. Keep in touch with the family and friends

4. Spend a quality time with my children

5. Cook and Bake new recipes

In self-isolation, hopefully we all can find something positive and maintain our physical and mental health. I just keep imagining myself a day of hugging the family and friends once this nightmare is over! I would like to keep in touch with you in any way we can. Thank you for reading this. Hope you all stay safe. If you have your corona challenge which you can share, let me know!

ニュースレターNo.6 自主隔離において、今の気持ちを認識しよう






1. とにかく運動。(“P.E. with Joe”というYouTubeで見れる30分のフィットネスがお勧め)+ランニング(言い分けは終わり)

2. (どうやってでも)ポジティブにいることに努める 

3. 家族や友達と連絡を取り続ける

4. 子どもたちと質のある時間を過ごす

5. 新しいレシピにトライ!


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