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Newsletter No.3 Happy New Year!

A Happy New Year!

A Happy New Year 2020! I am full of excitement of this coming new year as there will be a huge shift happening in my life! In this newsletter, I would like to share a little bit of my personal stuff in accordance with dance therapy work.

So, I am moving to Australia sometime this year! This is going to be my fifth country to live in- a difference between this time and living in the previous countries is that I have a huge family who heartily welcomes us. We were going to leave the U.K. at the end of 2019, but have welcomed another member of the family, so we decided to stay in England for this purpose and make a slow move to Down Under later.

In terms of starting a family and having child, the personal therapy sessions and supervision for the past six years have played a huge role for me to think what really have mattered to my life at that moment. Normally, as a therapist you speak about your clinical work in supervision and bring your personal stuff to your own therapist to understand transference and countertransference and avoid mixing the personal life. However, in both of my personal therapy and supervision in the last four years, I have been guided to think about the clinical and personal processes as a whole. And I like this style.

It has been super challenging for me to find a job as a dance movement therapist in the U.K. and I nearly have lost confidence and belief in myself. To be honest with you, I am really worried if I can get a job as a therapist in Australia. My thoughts keep wondering around this and sometimes I feel really overwhelmed. I do not know really what it is like to find a job in Australia, where to start and how to proceed. As a therapist, it is important to stay with an unknown feeling (It is easy to say this). When it comes to clinical work, remembering this is so essential that therapist can stay in anxiety with clients. As far as I know, dance therapy is still not much practiced in Australia and you need to find a job by yourself. In this sense, it is more challenging, but I believe if I find right persons and organisations to understand the power of non-verbal communication through movement and dance, I can start with something small. Well, this is what I did in Japan in 2016 - I have therapeutically worked with the young women who have been socially withdrawn (called Hikikomori). I would also like to take with me a new skill/project of Body Mapping to Australia – mainly for women. This is a more creative side of me that I do really enjoy and cherish. I also feel that working in a mental health hospital (especially for teenagers) was not for me, which I will talk about in the upcoming newsletter. I am interested in working in school environment at the moment. But I am open to any opportunity! Well, let’s see how it is going to be like! Maybe the first thing I need to do is just to understand cultures and history of Australia, apart from eating schnitty and vegemite!

I wish all of you a great start in the new year! Thank you for reading my letters!

ニュースレターNo.3 あけましておめでとうございます!



 家族を始めるのも子どもを持つのも、過去6年受けてきた自分のためのセラピーとスーパービジョンが大きな役割を果たしたと思う。何がそのときの人生において大切なのか、ということを考える機会を与えられた。通常セラピストは(セラピストとクライエントの間で展開する)転移と反転移を理解し、個人的なことをクリニカルワークで混ぜこぜにしないよう、スーパービジョンではクリニカルワークに集中し、個人セラピーでは自分のことについて考える。 しかし、この4年は少しその境界線をしっかり引くのではなく、ミックスすることもあり、結果的にはセラピストとして効果的に取り組むことができてきたと思う。スーパービジョンでは個人的なことを含めて考えることで、全体的な視点で(クライエントとの)プロセスを考えることができるので私は気に入っている。



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