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Newsletter No.22 - Reflection, Identity, and Looking for Supervisees

Hello, everyone. It has been weird (for most South Australians) to experience humid climate in Adelaide (South Australia is known as the driest place in Australia) due to the cyclone. Raining is blessing.

I slowly had begun my work again from the middle of January. My first work was at the gathering of the Somatic Body Mapping Practitioners where I shared my Body Mapping workshops experiences in Adelaide. In this circle, I was asked to bring an object that represented my present moment. So, I collected old dried and fresh leaves from my garden along with a little pink flower that came out of a not-so-pretty plant. All the year, I nearly wanted to chop this uninviting plant. However, a few weeks ago this plant bloomed little pink flowers. I was in awe to see this. I plucked the flower and packed it with the rest of the leaves in the jar. It feels to me that my life is full of mess and chaos and a lot going on in a small space. The pink flower reminded me of a little beauty in the present chaotic life. It also speaks to me that maybe I need to patiently wait for something beautiful to come out. What object / image would it be for you to speak your presence?

Events – Move & Connect, Peer Supervision and Body Mapping

My monthly Move & Connect had a full house this month (due to the covid restrictions and I cannot have more than eight people) for the first time. Interestingly, all participants were women. New and old comers danced together, while it was very hot and humid as the air con was not working! I see some movements are animalistic and indigenous and I feel cheered up and energetic. Our next movement session is on 24th February 2022 from 7pm at Room 7, Mitcham Community Centre. Please register if you like to join us.

I also held a monthly peer supervision for allied health professionals, and this was a full house too. Two creative arts therapists from New Zealand joined us this time. As we moved, drew, painted, we came up with a theme of ‘our identity’ as creative arts therapists. We are dance movement, art, drama and creative arts therapists. However, some of us shared that they have to call themselves by another name such as counsellor so that we can be more understood or get jobs. This was a meaningful, in-depth space for me to explore and think. Thank you for those who came and shared. Our next gathering is on 20th February 2022.

The Body Mapping Summer Workshop registration will be closed by 30th January 2022. Please register here if you are keen on participating in it.

Looking for Supervisees

This year I am going to take up a Diploma course in Creative Approaches to Supervision by the London Centre for Psychodrama. It is a one-year commitment for me. I feel I am ready now to step up onto this new journey to become a supervisor. I am now looking for supervisees who would like to do supervision with me from September 2022. I will offer sessions at low cost as I am a trainee supervisor. Please send me an email at if you may want to try a creative and psychodynamic approach in your supervision. I offer supervision not only for dance movement therapists, but other creative arts therapists, allied health professionals, teachers and nurses who would like to have a reflective support.

Offering Dance Movement Psychotherapy Sessions – F2F or Telehealth

If you may like to try dance movement psychotherapy sessions either face-to-face (Adelaide) or telehealth, please get in touch with me. I welcome referrals too. Please find more information on dance movement psychotherapy here.

We still continue to live in this uncertain covid world. We have been waiting too long for the pandemic to cease. I hope we continue to find something little pretty in our life in this difficult time. Thank you for reading my newsletter.

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