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Newsletter No.1~ Mioi's Journey in India

Hello, everyone. Welcome to my first newsletter. In here, I would like to share my thoughts, work, information on my workshops and projects among like-minded people like you! They are particularly about my expertise, i.e. dance movement, creative arts psychotherapy and mental health. I have decided to write more about my therapeutic work to raise awareness about arts therapy.

Let me tell you about my background of coming to London (I came to London in 2013 to study a Master of Dance Movement Psychotherapy). Before moving to the U.K., I was living in India for 11 years. I wanted to explore more about Asian cultures as I had lived in Germany for two years before India. India is one of the countries that faces the issue of child labour as opposed to the tremendous economic growth for decades. Every child has a right to education, yet one out of 10 children wouldn’t be literate; Imagine the person next to you ask you to fill a form in a bank as s/he can’t read and write. My first visit to India was in 2001 and I was 24. I was thrilled to step on the Indian soil, not knowing much about people, cultures, cuisines and politics. I loved the vibrant colours, sounds, spices, animals, various religions from the first site.

I came back to India in 2002, intending to stay for 6 months or a year just to get field experiences. While volunteering at the several NGOs, ARTISTICALLY working with children in distress particularly interested me – to see children feel freer and more expressive in their own ways. After three years, I ended up with starting a school called “Bornfree Art School” in Bangalore. My problem was that I did not speak the local language (But later I became so fluent!). From the day one, I remembered that I went to the streets to talk to children who were rag picking, begging, selling some stuff, and taking drugs. They had nothing in their lives – no shelter, no food, no parents, no education except their survival instincts. They were sniffing toxic glues to trip somewhere, sleeping like street dogs. Someone like me who grew up in a developed country, with full of water and food, cannot believe their eyes when they see such people in another country.

I went to a street after a street to identify them, trying to convince them to come to our school. I had to “bribe” them with ice creams, dosas and so on, talking to them for hours and hours. Most kids did not come with me instantly (Who the hell is this foreign woman?). Sometime I got a call in the middle of the night, kids begging me to pick them up from the street….Oh, yes, let’s “rescue” them from the dirty streets!

In Bornfree Art School, arts were education. Arts were tools to liberate them from drugs and stealing. Arts are so powerful that some of the kids were able to leave drug addictions and focus on education. However, there were always ups and downs among them; some kids harmed themselves, went out of control, and needed much psychological help.

I began to wonder what else they actually need apart from arts. This was my first thinking about a combination of arts and therapy.








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